German Immersion

“Starting in kindergarten, students can enter a partial immersion foreign language program that features math and science classes being taught in German.
Our newly added STEM classes allow students an in-depth and interactive outlet to explore science, technology, engineering, and other areas of study as well.”

Important Message:

Click the link below:


Important message:
Online registration for the Kindergarten Immersion class is 
TODAY AT 4pm on this website
Make sure to indicate on the form if an older sibling is already in the program if applicable.

March Update-Click the link below for German Immersion:

Click on the link bellow to view the German Immersion flyer:

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Welcome Back!

Dear Immersion Families,
As the school year begins we would like to welcome you and your immersion language learners back into our classrooms! This year we will be sharing important immersion program updates with you around each marking period through this blog. Your schools and teachers will also be posting updates and sharing news with you through newsletters this year.

This year our first group of immersion students (French and Spanish) are in 11th grade at Lexington High, White Knoll High and River Bluff High Schools!

We are excited that we such a diverse immersion team this year! We have immersion teachers in our elementary and secondary classrooms from many different countries around the world! These countries and regions include French West Africa, Germany, France, China, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Honduras, Cuba, Costa Rica, Panama, Canada, and Uruguay!

We would like to thank you so much for trusting us with your children’s education. We are thrilled that Lexington One supports learning opportunities that provide rich experiences and critical skills to our learners through this program!

We hope you have an amazing 2017-18 school year!

~ Central Services Immersion Instructional Team~