Our School

 Deerfield Elementary School

Basic Facts About the School

  • Opened August 2014
  • Motto: “Success Every Day for Every Child Through Leadership and Learning”
  • Vision: Deerfield will be a demonstration site for a competency-based system that focuses on student leadership and learning.

Deerfield Elementary will provide a caring and collaborative environment where a professional team of educators demonstrates innovation and high expectations with a unified relentless commitment to ensure success every day for every child. All students will achieve at his or her maximum potential through a technology enriched, customized, relevant and engaging curriculum to become successful and responsible leaders in a 21st century global workplace and community.

Schools of the Future—Now!

LexLeads—The Leader in Me

Through The Leader in Me program and the 7 Habits, student, parents and staff members will unite around a shared vision and culture that focuses on the importance of setting goals and taking ownership of those goals. The Leader in Me program helps students build self-confidence and develop skills they need to be leaders in and out of the classroom on a daily basis.

LexLearns—Competency-Based Learning

Students will not be confined to standards for a grade level, but will move through the learning targets as they demonstrate mastery, working to a level of proficiency before advancing to the next level of learning. They will work at different rates, not bound by seat time, and demonstrate mastery in the content areas at different paces. Formative and summative classroom assessments will give parents, teachers and learners a more clear and concise picture of what each individual student is capable of and where he still needs reinforcement of skills.

Students and staff will be organized into Learning Communities that will allow for fluid movement of students based on current levels of performance and learning modalities.

LexLearns—Personalized Learning

Students will know what must be learned and take ownership of their learning. Together with their teacher, the students will dissect the learning standards and have a voice and choice in how they will practice and demonstrate their learning.

Students will benefit from multiple approaches and pathways, flexible any time, anywhere opportunities, pervasive access to technology and a variety of assessments.

 LexLearns—Physical Space

The school facility was designed to support the structures and curriculum of a 21st century competency-based learning model. Classrooms are equipped with flexible furniture that can be repurposed for any type of interaction. A variety of learning spaces allow for collaboration, hands-on project work, and individual, small and large group instruction.

LexLearns—Learning Management System

Learners, teachers, parents and administrators will use a learning management system to track learning, report progress of mastery, communicate with each other, and learn through digital lessons and practice. The system can be accessed any time, anywhere so that a student has a full picture of his/her progress, goals and learning opportunities.