First Day Reminders

Important reminders for the first day of school.  
Tomorrow our A track students will be coming to school.  Please be reminded that all students entering the building and riding the school bus are required to wear a mask.  Only parents of preschool, kindergarten, and first-grade children will be allowed to walk their children to the classroom door.  Once you have taken your child to the classroom we ask that you promptly exit the building.  Preschool, 5K, and first-grade children will enter through the main entrance.

Arrival and dismissal will be slower these first days of school so thank you in advance for your patience.  Once you turn into the school, please notice that the right two lanes will bring you to the drop-off zone for car riders.  We will be using both lanes, and cars will merge to the right once you approach the merge sign.  This means that each car in the far right lane will let one car on the left merge into the right lane.  If you are the parent of a second -fifth-grade student please do not park.  You will need to stay in your vehicle and come through the car rider line.  Only parents of preschool, kindergarten, and first-grade children should park in the parking lot.  

If your child is a car rider in the afternoon, you will need to have your car tag hanging from your rearview mirror.  Each child has a specific number.  In an effort to keep everyone healthy, we will be dismissing from the classrooms until further notice.  This may take a little longer.  If you do not have a car tag in the afternoon, you will need to park and come inside the building with your driver’s license before we can dismiss your child.

Jan Malone,

Principal, Deerfield Elementary