Virtual Field Day

DES Families,
Our PE teachers have designed a virtual field day for our students to participate in.  We know this is an event that children look forward to each year.  If you and your child would like to participate, below you will find access to a visual scorecard, activity descriptions, and virtual scorecard highlighting 10 events your kids can complete.  These ten events are modeled in video form on our school’s website and Facebook page. Please share a picture or video with your teacher!  Once you submit the virtual scorecard, you will get an emailed copy of a certificate of completion to present to your child!  Let’s have some fun this last week! Remember, these activities are optional and are not an expectation.

Visual Score Card:

Activity Descriptions:

Virtual Score Card:

Check out these videos to see how to complete these activities!

Paper Ball Trick Shot Video

Wall Sit Video

40 Yard Dash Video

Bottle Flip Video

Water Bottle Bowling

Towel Flip Video

Big Splash Video

Coin Toss Video

Shoe Throw Video

Standing Long Jump Video

Important News-Packets

Just a few reminders-

Monday, May 4th-

Pick up for the final Distance Learning packet will be between 7:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

Packets 1 & 2 may be dropped off at this time. 

Library books and classroom readers may also be dropped off if your child is ready to return those.

Unwanted spring pictures may also be returned.

Thank you 🙂